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City of Omaha
Code Enforcement

1819 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE 68183

402-444-5150 Option #3

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To get the best results from the General search please use these methods. The more information you enter the narrower your search results and the less likely you are of getting your information.

To view the most current list of property's with demolition orders please select the triangle next to the report link located above.

Searching For A Specific Record By:

1. Record Number, e.g. CASE-15-00420. This is the best way if Record Number is known.
2. Address (read instructions below for best results)

How to search for Records by Address:

- Enter information into the Street No and Street Name fields only.
- Numbered streets must be three digits. Leave off suffixes.

Examples: -1819 Farnam St-   Enter:  Street No.: 1819  Street Name: Farnam
               -3006 N. 72nd St-   Enter:  Street No.: 3006  Street Name: 072


General Search

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